The MommaSed…® Team

Meet Dr. Ros

MommaSed®… is a simple, yet powerful concept that has the potential to create a friendlier, more polite, thoughtful society.  Beecham Communications Corporation is the Company behind this creative and remarkably unique signature line of life style products called MommaSed®…

MommaSed®…products are designed to reinforce or introduce a particular life lesson that our Mothers teach us.   Our products are meant to spark conversation and encourage a dialogue about “What Do You Think Momma Means?” In concert, the phrase on the product and the conversation is to help bring Momma’s wit and wisdom to life. Our goal is to bring visibility to and conversation about the lesson into our conscious minds so that this may have a positive impact on the conduct – language, behaviors and social interactions – of all our citizens.

When we became Mothers, we all agree, we began to sound more and more like our Mothers; say and do all the things that we swore we never would. Through Motherhood, we gained a more insightful appreciation of our Mothers. The life lessons and values they taught us through cultural colloquialisms, parables and their wisdom continue to guide us on our life journeys.

During my tween and teen years and, as a young adult, I often wouldn’t have a clue as to what value or lesson I was to take away from my Mother’s obtuse sayings.   It literally could take weeks or years until some situation would help me make sense of them.  “Don’t pull the cart before the horse,” “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” “Don’t let the tail wag the dog”…I wondered what does a horse and dog have to do with anything?

I loved running.  I ran fast and could run long distances.  These days, running fast and blue ribbons are distant claims to fame.  But, in the good ol’ days, I didn’t like losing. So, if I didn’t think I had a good chance of winning, I didn’t want to run.  My Mother, however, would tell me, “Don’t worry about anyone else…Run Your Own Race.”  My Mother said this to me a lot – even when I didn’t have a race to run.  So over time, I learned that it was not just about running but life in general.  That, in life, one must set their own goals and time tables based on their own dreams.
Then set out on the path to reach that dream; in your own time and in your own way.

I know I am not alone.  The teachings and expressions used by my Mother, my Grandmother, my Aunts and all my “Other” Mothers – all the people who helped to raise me –  continue to resonate and get me through  good times and bad times.  I know this is true for my friends and colleagues at Beecham Communications as well.

We hope that you will love our MommaSed®… products as much as we do.  Please help us to change the world by buying; then talking about the message of the products purchased.  We know that one by one, person by person – by working together – the world will become a more harmonious, civil and wonderful place to live.

Dr. Roz
Chief Visionary and Founder

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