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MommaSed…® MommaWisdom ™

They say your Momma is one of the wisest persons you’ll ever know.  Who can argue with that? When you think about it, Momma seems not only to have all the answers to our questions but she also has an un-ending supply of love-filled advice.

Momma is the first one to teach us, that in life, “Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do.”  As we grow older, we see Momma’s words coming into existence in our lives.  Have you ever found yourself thinking or saying, “Momma was right?”  Words of Wisdom from our Mommas are stored in our collective memories. Momma’s words challenged us, chastised us, at times, frustrated us but, nonetheless, always guided us in the right direction.

Mommas shape our character and shape us into who we want to become or remind us what we “need to work on” in order to become the person we dream of being.  Celebrate Mommas wit, wisdom and love 365 days a year.  Don’t wait for Mother’s Day.  Every day should be Mother’s Day! Tell her how much you love and appreciate her 7 days a week.  Add a special twist to your acknowledgement with a MommaSed® gift that honors the words that your Momma has spoken to you throughout the years.

If you don’t see those timeless phrases on any of our MommaSed® products, go to our FaceBook page and request a MommaSed® phrase or vote on  the MommaSed ® phrases and products  Coming Soon. Don’t ever take your Mom for granted. Give her back all you can.  You only get one.  No matter the age – young or old – MommaWisdom™ will stay with you forever.