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From the day we come into this world, our Mommas are determined that we will have a better life than they had growing up.  Mommas pass on to their children an “I Can Do Anything” attitude through encouraging words and supportive behaviors.  Determination ultimately means doing whatever it takes to accomplish the goal and/or finish the task. No matter how many challenges you see in front of you – you will prevail. Because of the strong will you have developed through Determination, even when it seems like you can go no further, you will figure it out how. Why?  Because our Mommas taught us, through Determination, anything is possible – MommaSed®, “If there is a will, there is a way.”

During childhood, with Momma by your side, your Determination was developed.  Just knowing, s/he was there created the confidence needed to persevere. Determination lays the strong foundation of which success is built. My MommaSed®, “What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.”  Your faith, maturity, and understanding will continue to help you strive towards success and a meaningful life.

Life may be chaotic, challenging and disappointing at times.  MommaSed®, “Everybody Gets A Turn.” Help lift a friend’s or relative’s spirit, restore their confidence or faith by sharing a MommaSed® Wisdom gift that celebrates Determination.   Give a gift of a Tee Shirt, Blouse, Shirt. Greeting Card ,Home or Desk Accessory or other MommaSed® souvenir.  Spark that memory of the Little Train “Who Thinks He Can” then “Knows He Can.”  Help someone in your life reclaim determination today!