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By admin_mmsed

The Best Teacher

For the vast majority of us, Mommas are our first Teachers and often The Best Teacher we will ever have!  For other children, it might be Nana, Aunt Estralita, PaPa or Uncle Joe.  What ever shape, size, gender or age “Momma” comes in, s/he’s the one that teaches those very important first lessons – encouraging us to say words, helping us count to 10, teaching us how to properly brush our teeth and so on…   There are a host of firsts that s/he teaches us through infancy, childhood, the tween years, and adulthood.

Before Momma knows it, it’s time to relinquish being the primary teacher of facts and it’s off to Pre-School and so begins our educational journey.   Though the classroom becomes the primary place of learning, many things, Mommas still retain a strong sphere of influence and continue to teach their children lots of things, Acceptable Behavior and the Rules of Life – thank you and you’re welcome, right from wrong, play nice, be nice, etc.  It’s an unending list of Life Lessons and Mommas know intuitively that, along with school smarts, these Lessons and Rules are essential to their children’s success in life.

Mommas are masters of making learning fun and coaxing us through difficult homework and praising us on our accomplishments.  Momma’s keen eye and observation identifies their child’s talent, nurtures and cultivates it through music lessons, art classes, basketball camp and other after-school and weekend activities.  Without a doubt, Mommas are our greatest Cheerleaders!

Momma’s job is never done, s/he teaches from cradle to crib, from twin bed to marriage bed sharing what she knows, teaching you lessons throughout your life.  Celebrate Momma’s wisdom and teaching prowess with a MommaSed®  Greeting Card, Thank You Card, Cap, Note Cards, and a host of other assorted gifts.

As we go through life, we will experience many different types of teachers.  It may be the neighbor next door, a close friend or relative or your boss.  Whoever it is, pay attention and learn the lesson. Recognize them, too, with a MommaSed® gift.  Life is complicated…show your appreciation to those teachers who have helped you along the way!