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Pride & Joy

Even before the baby is here, a Mother’s heart is clear, anticipating all the exciting things that will be happening soon. There are so many new things that need to be done and soon-to-be Momma is excited about every one!

Whether it is changing diapers or selecting the food or feeding the baby, it will be a special and delightful time. There is no question that a Mother’s love for her Pride and Joy is one the greatest and most special types of love there is. Momma-to-be will have to decide things as to how important the composition of clothing and food products is –organic or engineered food , natural, cotton, synthetic or cotton-blend clothing – oh, so many important decisions to make!!

The media, blogs, and the news is filled with information about what is harmful to our children today. Mothers want to ensure their children have the safest products. MommaSed ® is a brand that you can trust.  Our products are well-made with quality cotton and other materials and supplies.  We partner with other Companies that are socially-conscious and have stellar reputations.   MommaSed ®  Bibs, Tees and Onesies for example, are 100 % cotton.  The Bibs are well-designed to protect your baby’s and toddler’s clothes.  A Sippy Cup that is designed to keep the drink in will keep your child calm on the ride to Grandma’s house or while you’re shopping.

MommaSed® has many child-friendly products to make your life a little easier and help you to enjoy each moment with your Pride & Joy! Your purchase decisions for your child are investments.  Buy MommaSed ®  to ensure the best experiences..