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In our society, child development and knowing the basics before kindergarten is expected.  Beautiful weather and a day in the park provide the perfect opportunity and setting for teaching a few Lessons while having fun!  Mothers continue to provide the primary care and, are usually, the first teacher in a child’s life. The developmental process – how children are socialized, taught to learn, and communicate – will be learned from their first role-model – Momma.

We live in a tough world and it is our job as Mothers to ensure that our children grow-up intelligent and strong. Whether it is learning to count, identifying colors, saying their “A, B, C’s,” eating healthy or helping them with their math, every moment we as Mothers spend with our children is a building block for their future.

Once in a while, take time to go outside or spend a day at the park away from all the electronics that control your life and theirs. This is the perfect opportunity to spark their natural curiosity and provide learning experiences through play. Those Loving, Nurturing-Momma-Moments ™ will create memories that develop a strong Mother-Child bond. The more support your child feels, the more confident s/he will become and the more willing s/he will be to try difficult things.

It’s hard to always make time but, as MommaSed®, “If there is a will, there is a way.”   Your child will come to know that Life lessons are not just guiding them but contribute to their day-to-day successes!  Celebrate their successes with MommaSed™ Mugs, Pencils, Greeting Cards and other products! Make Momma-Time™ a good time, every time!